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Christiana Capital Group

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Mail to: 603 / 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Tel (02) 9944 3395
Fax (02) 9925 0541

Business Plans and business advisory

Every business needs a Business Plan. Christiana is experienced in developing Business Plans for businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established businesses across many industries. We have particular expertise in financial analysis and projections; strategic planning; and the structuring and positioning of companies for growth.

We work closely with the key stakeholders to develop the Business Plan in a format that both meets their objectives and meets the requirements of potential funders – whether equity participants or debt funders. Typically the Plan will include the following information:

  • Industry Overview
  • Directors and Key Management
  • Business Summary & Project/Product Overview
  • General Operational Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Share Capital structure
  • Risk factors
  • Directors’ Projections and Financial Statements

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Business Plan implementation

Christiana has a range of capabilities to assist in implementing Business Plans, including where the Plan involves a re-structuring or work-out. Services that can be provided include:

  • Development of financial and management reporting and control policies, procedures and infrastructure
  • Selection and employment of personnel
  • Selection and engagement of consultants
  • Access to our extensive pro-forma library of business agreements, including shareholders' agreements, licence agreements, executive service agreements and consultancy argeements
  • Overall operational and prudential management
  • Program for development and protection of Intellectual Property
  • Website development and other online programs
  • Industry communications program – Australia and elsewhere
  • Government/Political communication program– Australia and elsewhere
  • Domestic sales and marketing activity
  • International sales and marketing activity
  • Industry Research & Development (R&D) grant procurement
  • Export Market Development Grant (“EMDG”) procurement
  • Finance-related services such as valuations, due diligence activities; independent accounting report(s); and debt/equity arrangements

Click here for details on some of the business advisory work undertaken by Christiana for its Clients.