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Christiana Capital Group

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Mail to: 603 / 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Tel (02) 9944 3395
Fax (02) 9925 0541

Business Analysis, Planning & Support Services

Christiana provides consulting services in a number of industries, including strategic planning, preparation of business plans, financial projections, discounted cashflow analysis, due diligence and general advisory services. Examples of assignments undertaken include:

Charitable Foundation
Assistance in the formulation of growth strategies for new charity, including structure of Constitution; completion of government registration formalities; initial implementation activity; and a range of forward planning including Joint Venture agreements with third party commercial organizations.

Digital multimedia
Developed business plan and funding strategy for digital multi-media business operating nationally. Negotiated foundation agreements on behalf of company; secured investors and underwriters; successfully managed IPO process and obtained public listing.

Entertainment industry
Prepared funding package and outline of a business plan that successfully obtained Joint Venture participation and funding for a new night club in Santa Monica, California.

Financial Services
Business Plan development and implementation for provider of both funding and support services for litigation and debt purchase.

Government grants
Ongoing Government grant procurement for a number of businesses including Research & Development Grants and Export Market Development Grants.

Health Care Services and Aged Care
Experience in a range of health care operations, ranging from private hospitals, through medical centres and day care centres, to independent service provision by individual operators. Also in specific services for the Aged, including self-care, hostel-style accommodation and nursing care – as well as community-based Seniors Living.

Implementation of business plan for online business-to-business marketing program – including de-bug and restructure of back-of-house database and web interfaces; establishment of fiduciary control structure; design and construction of related websites; and detailed scalability model for operational growth to more than 100,000 participants.

Investor support
Due diligence investigation on behalf of a private investor who had provided funds to a technology Group. Due diligence investigation on behalf of a private investor who had been solicited to invest funds in an unregistered investment vehicle.

Leisure Industry
Business Plan development and implementation for US-based golf business specializing in indoor golf recreation and training facilities. Business planning, development and implementation for 450 hectare ski resort including seasonal operation; infrastructure development; and all aspects of resort operation. Business analysis and planning for a range of resort properties including hotel component and associated facilities/operations

Litigation Support
Litigation support services to a number of individuals and law firms including business review, financial analysis, investigatory services, report preparation and general advisory.

Asset review and business rationalization for existing family-owned manufacturing operation facing increased competition from overseas. Issues included many millions of dollars invested in local equipment and skilled personnel who had been with the company for more than ten years. Business Plan and financial projections for a furniture manufacturing operation in Suva Fiji that serviced the export market for IKEA – successfully achieving project financing to expand the factory and finance business growth. Due diligence review and analysis of thermoforming manufacturer seeking to debug existing processes and achieve mass production of a new product range. Business Plan development and commercialization activities for new structural steel member with applications to several industries, the Australian Patent for which was granted in March 2007.

Provided detailed advice to national television network in relation to relocation from existing Studios – including appraisal of staffing and management structures, calculation of space needs and spatial relationships, re-use of equipment/facilities in new premises and tender process for provision of commercial accommodation.

Formal Business Plan development including financial projections and funding analysis for new-generation MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) integrating mobile telephony with GPS satellite tracking – including back-of-house integration of billing system, online distributor interface, customer interface and remote call center operation; as well as preparation, design and production of all operating manuals for each aspect of the operation including PDS.

Telecommunications infrastructure
Business analysis and re-structuring advice to construction and fibre-optic cable-laying operation based in Germany, with operations extending to other countries in Europe

Workflow planning
Supervised detailed audit of performance and procedures for the government department conducting approximately six hundred (600) fit out operations per year. Brief required review of historical performance of mainstream projects together with recommendation as to the procedures and controls appropriate to reduce the cost of "dead rent" and other effects of delayed occupancy.

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