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Relocation Management

When most people think "relocation management", they think of one of two things:

  • calling in a Removalist; or
  • calling a Personnel Agency to manage employee movement and accommodation.

These are not tasks carried out by Christiana, although they can be coordinated and managed as part of relocation activity.

Christiana provides a range of relocation management services that are tailored to a Client's specific needs and dovetail with our overall Project Management capabilities. We can work to manage the overall process; to manage components of that process; or to work as member of the Client's team to handle specific tasks. Typically the relocation process falls into a number of stages:

Needs analysis: How much space is really needed, now and in the foreseeable future? What are the preferred premise(s) locations? How do these relate to client/customer, competitor and staff demographics? What specific organizational, spatial planning, engineering and commercial constraints will impact on the choice of premises? What are the time constraints?

Options analysis: Review of available options to meet the identified needs; identification of prospective premises; premises suitability analysis and building audit; purchase/lease negotiations.

Design and documentation: We typically manage this process, appointing the architect/interior designer, electrical consultant, mechanical consultant, hydraulic consultant and other specialists according to the size and scope of work involved. We also work closely with the Client to determine all building and fit-out inclusions and ensure these are addressed in the design process.

Construction and hand-over: Whether new premises or fit-out of existing premises, we can handle procurement and management of the building contractor - whether by tender or direct negotiation - and manage the process through construction, commissioning and final hand-over.

"The Move": Often this is the most botched exercise in any relocation process. There is a massive amount of work involved in handling the housekeeping aspects of a move, not to mention any Change Management required as part of either the relocation or a system upgrade/change or both. Many activities will be best handled by your existing personnel; however there needs to be an overall project management framework in place, including the identification and follow-up of all tasks. This avoids:

  • disruption to your business and therefore your earning capacity;
  • inconvenience to your clients;
  • negative impact on staff caused by lack of involvement and communication
    (see also Change Management);
  • too little time to finish what needs to be done;
  • being surprised by tasks that are bigger and more complex than anyone anticipated;
  • overlooking essential items; and
  • time and cost over-runs.

The Christiana approach to Relocation Management provides a number of tangible benefits, including:

  • saving valuable staff time and minimising inconvenience to them;
  • minimising client inconvenience;
  • ensuring value for money;
  • minimising business disruption;
  • ensuring things happen on time, as planned and within budget;
  • ensuring the vital liaison and communication between consultants, suppliers, removalists, estate agents, solicitors and staff;
  • ensuring that there is planned consideration of all the requirements essential to a successful move; and
  • allowing your staff to concentrate on what they all do best - running the business

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