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Christiana Capital Group

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Mail to: 603 / 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Tel (02) 9944 3395
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Tourism and Hospitality industries

Tourism & Hospitality

Christiana Capital personnel have a long association with the tourism & hospitality industry as developers, managers and consultants – with broad expertise ranging from project assessment through funding and project development to commissioning and ongoing operations.

Christiana’s Neville Thomas and Peter Aynsley first worked together on a ski resort project in 1983 and since that time have worked together on a number of projects in New South Wales. Peter Aynsley and Michael Sulser have worked together on tourism projects since 1984. Since that time, Michael Sulser's years of management at many and varied properties around Australia have led him to become one of Australia's leading experts in operational activity, specialising in the establishment and motivation of hotel and resort management teams.

If you are contemplating entering the Tourism and Hospitality arena, or have a financial/controlling interest in a Tourism Venture, you may be asking yourself the question:

"WHY do I want to get into this or even WHY am I doing this?"

If this is the case, you may well need some unbiased and objective advice and/or assistance.
Click here to read some operational FAQs.

Even if you have all the answers, you may still need additional resources for some or all of the project.

Christiana Capital provides a full range of advisory services for the Tourism & Hospitality industry, including:

  • Review & assessment
  • Development management
  • Financial analysis
  • Preparation of funding packages
  • Project management
  • Start-up operation resourcing
  • Operational reviews
  • Export Market Development Grant procurement
  • Due diligence development and operational reviews

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