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Christiana Capital Group

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Mail to: 603 / 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Tel (02) 9944 3395
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Citicentre Artarmon

This was a multi-level office and showroom complex at 403 Pacific Highway, Artarmon NSW developed by Citicentre Pty Ltd and funded by Custom Credit Corporation Limited. Project Audit including regular reports through the construction stage were undertaken on behalf of Custom Credit.

Citicentre 1a.jpg
View to West of site

Citicentre 1b.jpg
Retaining wall at Jennings boundary

Citicentre 2a.jpg
Access to NE corner of site

Citicentre 2b.jpg
Revised footing structure at Grid B1

Citicentre 3a.jpg
Pacific Highway frontage

Citicentre 3b.jpg
Structure at Grid B1 - formwork now stripped

Citicentre 4a.jpg
View to NE - boundary underpinning at left rear

Citicentre 4b.jpg
Lower level footings at Alto boundary

Citicentre 5a.jpg
View to South, Gridline 6 at right

Citicentre 5b.jpg
View to SE from Alto boundary

Citicentre 6a.jpg
View to North at Pacific Hwy level

Citicentre 6b.jpg
Lift core and slab prep at Jennings boundary