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Christiana Capital Group

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Mail to: 603 / 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Tel (02) 9944 3395
Fax (02) 9925 0541

Some operational FAQs


Websites, the Internet, Net Banking, E-Commerce and Reservations. Can you afford to ignore them, alternatively - are you maximising their usage?

Is your restaurant performing to expectations?

Do you know where to buy and what are the most suitable furniture, fittings and equipment for your property?

Are your Cellar - door sales over-subsidising your Restaurant ?

Do you understand Risk Management and its relevance to your Insurance?

Is your Chef a Kitchen Manager or just a great Cook?

What is the difference between an inbound tour operator and a wholesaler?

Would you like an outside opinion on, or assistance with, your potential management/ staff appointments and staffing structure?

Have you got a business plan and sales & marketing strategy?

Do you qualify for possible grant funding?

Are your architect’s plans operationally practical?

Have you, or would you like to embrace the concept of “Total Customer Service”?

Is your front office cashiering & reservations system optimal to your situation?

Why is your merchandise or clothing line not moving?

Do you think you need to spend thousands to have an effective stock control management system in place?

Have you used budgets as an effective cost-controlling tool for yourself or your managers?

Do you care about your “Internal Customer”?

Is your Caravan Park living up to today’s expectations?

Have you ever considered niche markets such as Indigenous Tourism, Wine Tourism, Cultural and Historical Tourism, Soft Adventure Tourism, Eco and Nature based Tourism?

Ever wondered why your energy bill is so high?

Are your Marketing Dollars getting results?

Are you interested in the concept of Sustainable Living Practices and Methods?

Are “Loyalty /Reward Programs” and “Product Auctions” good Sales & Marketing strategies?

Has your staff got an “attitude” you don’t understand?

Are you building the right size property?

Do you know what a SWOT analysis is?

Are B&B’s really a retirement proposition?

Do you need to improve a kitchen, bar or office layout?

Ever wondered if you should be branded, become a franchisee, or engage a Management Group?

Is housekeeping’s time management under your control?

Is your OP Laundry drinking chemical dollars?

Are spas and swimming pools a blessing or a curse?

Are your tour drivers accredited and suitably knowledgeable?

Are you confident in dealing with Employment and Advertising Agencies - who’s working for who?

Do you know your reputation?

Are you making money? (Or getting ALL of it!)

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