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Peter Aynsley

Peter Aynsley attended Barker College at Hornsby from 1960 to 1972 and the University of New South Wales from 1973 to 1978 – graduating with a BSc (Architecture) degree in Architectural Science in 1979. Peter also pursued concurrent studies in Classics at Macquarie University during this period.

Peter undertook his Architectural studies over six years while working part-time in his father’s Architectural practice from 1972 to 1978. Ross I Aynsley & Partners, Architects, was a medium-sized Architectural practice with offices in Sydney, Hornsby and Wollongong. Peter worked on a range of projects across NSW including design, documentation and/or contract administration of aged care projects with more than 1,000 self-care/hostel units and 450 nursing care beds.

It was during this period that Peter began a long association with the Snowy Mountains of NSW, starting with his design of the Australian Ski Club at Guthega in 1974/5 and managing its construction over the two summers of 1975/76 and 1976/77. In the same period he did the initial skifield planning for Guthega Ski Resort in the Kosciusko National Park and obtained approvals for new ski lifts, ski runs and slope amenities from the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

After finishing University at the end of 1978, Peter became Property Manager for a multi-state insurance operation that included VFL Insurances in Victoria and Tasmania, as well as David Jones Insurance Pty Ltd in NSW. After buying the Company’s new premises in Sydney, Peter went on to become Assistant General Manager and ultimately General Manager of David Jones Insurance Pty Ltd until he was approached to redevelop the Guthega Ski Resort on behalf of its new owners at the end of 1980.

Peter relocated to the Snowy Mountains for the period from December 1980 to December 1985 and was General Manager of Guthega Developments Pty Ltd and General Manager of Guthega Hoteliers Pty Ltd over this period. He planned and implemented redevelopment of the Guthega Ski Resort, including all master planning, ski slope analysis, infrastructure development, design, documentation and construction. In addition to handling all development activity for this 450Ha area, he managed the Ski Resort’s day-to-day operations

The Guthega syndicate tendered to acquire new skifields between Guthega and Perisher Valley, known as the Mt Blue Cow Resort, but did not win the rights. By the 1985 season Guthega’s owners were not willing to invest further. With development at a standstill, Peter returned to Sydney in January 1986 to join Turner Corporation Limited, a Project Management and Construction Management organization. Guthega was ultimately acquired by the owners of the adjacent Blue Cow resort and now forms part of the Perisher-Smiggin Holes-Blue Cow-Guthega ski complex.

Peter joined the Consulting Services Division of Turner Corporation in January 1986 and became Head of that Division within a few months. This Division specialized in large and complex projects for both public sector and private sector clients. Peter oversaw its growth through 1986 and 1987, during which period Turner Corporation successfully listed on what was then the Second Board of the Sydney Stock Exchange - resigning in early 1988 to establish his own Project Management company together with other former Turner employees.

Over the period 1986 to 1996, Peter was involved in more than 200 construction / property development projects with a combined value in today’s terms of more than $10 billion – primarily in the fields of real estate development and construction. These projects spanned Australia, the Pacific Islands, the USA and Europe – for clients ranging from private developers to financial institutions to the World Bank. Some of the projects in which Peter has been involved - typically as principal consultant, team leader, Project Manager or Project Director - can be viewed by clicking the following links:

Peter lived in the USA, UK and Europe for a number of years during this period. His work has been published in magazines such as Australian Property News and he has been Chairman of the Institute of International Research’s annual conference on Advanced Project Management.

From 1996 onwards Peter became increasingly involved in industries additional to the development/ construction industry, with a particular focus on technology. He secured rights for a number of new technologies and returned to Australia in 1998 to implement these via a company that ultimately listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January 2000. Peter handled all arrangements for public listing, was Director and Chairman from 1996 to the end of 1999 and then Director and CEO from the time of its public listing in January 2000 until his resignation in August 2003.

From 2003 to date, Peter has continued his involvement in a number of different industries in addition to his primary focus on the management of capital works projects in the property development and construction industries.

Peter is a Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the American Management Association. He is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Applied Project Management.